Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. We accept self paying clients. If you are paying cash for your , our fees vary between $150 and $350 depending on nature of service and time required. Cash or checks are accepted at the office. You may also pay by Visa, Mastercard or American Express.

We will provide you with super-bill for reimbursement with your insurance if requested


We take many insurances and will bill them directly for you. Check with your plan directly to find out actual coverage prior to visit as coverage will vary. If you have insurance, please check your coverage before coming to see us, since coverage rates will vary from plan to plan. Once you understand your specific benefits and coverage we can estimate your copay and set up your first appointment.


Some insurances we are in network with are:

Medicaid + HMOs
Blue Cross of Maryland
Maryland Blue Shield (we accept almost all Blues)
(Almost all Blues)

You will be ultimately responsible for any payments not paid by your insurance carrier. If payment for services is not received after 90 days, a statement for services rendered will be mailed to your home. All balances will need to be paid before making a new appointment.

Yes. At Mindview, we treat children starting at age 6 and up, adolescents ages 13 and up as well as adults patients ages up to 70. After 70 years of age, will will referral you to a geriatrics provider if you are with significant medical commodities.

Medication refills are only provided during an office visit. Unless under special circumstances. 

You prepare best for your appointment my filling our all necessary intake paperwork sent to you  with your appointment confirmation.  It is advised to bring medications that you are currently taking as well as a list of psychiatric medications that you have taken in the past. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment. 

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