Let talk about ANXIETY

How come I never stop worrying and my thoughts are just too overly active? I get startle easily and it make my heart jump. I am losing sleep because my thoughts are going wild. Why is my body so tense and I am always feeling on edge? Is that my heart beating fast, why is he beating fast? Why do I always over catastrophic all my worries? I am having more headaches, and my neck and back hurts.

Anxiety Disorders

Experiencing anxiety is a normal natural response for just being human. We are meant to experience emotions and anxiety is one of them. Although, it is okay to feel anxious now and then, developing and suffering with anxiety disorders differ as this can cause a greater level of distress and contributes to limitation in functionality of daily living.  At Mindview Behavioral Health and Wellness, we provide effective treatment for anxiety disorders in the Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland Metro area.  It is probably time for anxiety treatment if you notice you are experiencing some of the symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of an Anxiety Disorder

Feeling on Edge
Excessive Worrying
Avoiding places or people that make you nervous
Trouble falling or staying asleep
Anxiety or Panic Attacks
Irrational Fears
Avoiding Social Situations
Muscle Tension
Difficulty focusing
Having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom

Panic Attack

A severe presentation of extreme version of anxiety that often requires treatment by a therapist and psychiatric provider is a panic attack.  Panic attacks happen when you experience an intense, overwhelming sensation of anxiety/fear/panic or “I am going to die, this is the end kind of feeling”.  In fact, these moments your anxiety is so extreme that it can be debilitating for a few seconds, a few minutes or even longer. It is an extreme vulnerable place for anyone to be or experience.

Symptoms of a Panic Attack

Rapid Heartbeat, palpitations or the sensation of a pounding heart
Shaking or trembling
Feelings of choking
Shortness of breath
Tightness in your chest, chest pain or discomfort
Feeling dizzy, unsteady, lightheaded or faint-“actually passing out”
Sometimes a fear of dying or losing control

Anxiety Treatment in Bethesda, Rockville, Silver Spring, MD

The good news is that anxiety can be treated.  In fact, Anxiety treatment is one of our main specialties here Mindview Behavioral Health in Bethesda MD.  Our skilled, compassionate Providers and therapists will help you develop a plan to face your anxiety and help you achieve your goals.  Medication is not for everyone, so we can also help your use different natural and botanicals approach along with lifestyle modification to help your anxiety.
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