ADHD Evaluation and Assessment

What Is Involved?

Many children, teenagers, and adults struggle with ADHD and learning disabilities. These conditions can occur together and cause difficulties at school and work.Our comprehensive evaluations will help identify your cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. We work closely with you, your family, and your teachers to provide practical feedback and recommendations for accommodations to help improve your performance in school and at work.

How We Can Help?

ADHD and learning disabilities are developmental conditions that you were born with but that does not mean that you must struggle in school or work for the rest of your life. It is dysfunction of executive functioning. Your school and employer might be legally required to provide you with reasonable accommodations if you are diagnosed with ADHD or a learning disability. You might also be eligible for accommodations on standardized tests and licensing examinations.
We specialize in conducting psychological evaluations for ADHD for children and adults. We use a combination of psychological testing, behavioral observations, and consultations with your teachers and school to provide an accurate diagnosis and recommendations for accommodations and treatment.

What is a ADHD assessment?

An ADHD assessment is a series of tests that measure areas of brain functioning that may include:
• Attention
• Executive functioning
• Concentration
• Academic performance
• Intellectual abilities
•Behavioral/emotional functioning
The selection of the tests will depend on the presenting problems, the referral questions, and any documented or suspected diagnosis.

Accommodations can be provided for the following standardized tests:

Academic accommodations such as extra time, extended breaks, or a private room can help level the playing field and allow you to perform at your true potential.
  • ACT
  • GMAT
  • GRE
  • LSAT
  • MCAT
  • PCAT
  • SAT
  • State of California Bar Exam
  • Any other standardized test or professional licensing exam

What to Expect

At Mindview Behavioral Health in Bethesda, MD, rockville, MD , Reston, MD  ADHD evaluations typically involve:
• A comprehensive clinical interview to help us understand important psychological, medical, educational, and social background information as well as your current cognitive and psychological functioning.

• Review of medical, psychological, and school records that help us have a better understanding of your psychological functioning.

• We will administer psychological non educational assessment tests to objectively assess for mental health diagnoses, cognitive abilities, and educational achievement.
We will administer and interpret paper and computer-based tests to assess for:
• Attention and concentration
• Memory impairment
• Mood and personality

• After we complete the evaluation, we will write a comprehensive report that integrates our findings and give it to you. For Kids requiring school support and parents questioning ADHD diagnosis, it is best parents consider Neuro-psychological, psycho-educational testing to assess the full spectrum of potential Neuropsychological, educational deficit that may require proper support with Occupational therapist, learning therapist, organizational therapist etc.  We can also send the report directly to any organizations that need the report to provide you with accommodations.

• We will also conduct a feedback session and go over the results of the testing and our recommendations for treatment.

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