Holistic Psychotherapy & Integrative Psychiatric Care

Resolve emotional issues and improve your mental health along with your sense of well-being in a supportive and safe space. We understand medication is not for everyone, let us help support your wellness using non-psychotropics and possible psychotropics. Your choices and decisions support this process. 

MINDVIEW-Holistic Integrative Counseling and Psychiatric Care in North Bethesda, MD

MindView Behavioral Health and Wellness is a holistic and integrative Counselling and Psychiatric Wellness Center that assesses each client on a comprehensive individualized level with respect to how their genetics, chemical imbalances, metabolic dysfunctions, toxins, nutritional deficiencies, early childhood experiences, trauma, current behaviors and lifestyle to help support their wellness. Our detailed assessment helps support insight into causes and contributors that are currently impacting your mental and physical wellness. 

Our holistic approach was developed to use natural, integrative, and conventional interventions, lifestyle modification, supplementation and if necessary, conventional psychotropics medications to help bring about full wellness.  We at Mindview UNDERSTANDS, that medication is not for everyone. Mind wellness is possible and finding the right provider for your wellness matters.

Areas Of Expertise

Our practice specializes in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for children, adolescents, and adults to evaluate cognitive and psychiatric strengths and weakness. We provide comprehensive and individualized psychiatric, and psychological assessments with careful interpretation of results and appropriate recommendations designed to help our clients get the most from their evaluation. ​ ​We work closely with referral sources -primary care, medical specialists, and or therapists to guarantee a comprehensive treatment plan.​​​

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Mindview is closely monitoring the pandemic and we will follow the guidelines and directives of our local and national health authorities. Our first priority is the safety of our patients, families, staff, and the community at large. 

For your consideration, we offer online as well as in-person Appointments can be made online. Mindview remains open with regular business hours 8-6 M-F and 9-2 on Saturdays- all by appointments only. 

Masks are required at Mindview physical locations and PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN.  If you are unwell, secure your appointment via video/telehealth and do not come to the center.

Be well.........the Mindview Team